February 24th, 2011
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I will hand over 1 room apartment on Kutuzovsky pr-kte. 30 t.r.

I will hand over 1 room apartment on Kutuzovsky pr-kte. 10 minutes on foot from the Kiev, 5 minutes on foot from Kutuzovsky.

The apartment after kosm repair, is everything what to live.

There is one BUT:

The apartment is exposed on sale from what follows:

1. To apartment under the preliminary coordination with tenants will come rieltor with potential buyers on survey.

2. The apartment surrenders without day, t.e.v a current of month after there will be a buyer to tenants it will be necessary to release kv-ru. It can be both in a month after the rent beginning, and in a year.

From communication with aforementioned cost more low srednerynochnoj.

Necessarily we make the contract, payment for month forward.

Photo I will send, comments I hide, I read. With agencies I do not communicate.

February 22nd, 2011
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I will remove 1 room apartment

The solvent girl with a cat (both adult and brought up;) will rent 1-roomed apartment.

Territorially – top of green, violet, dark blue, blue, red and gray branches.

Necessarily – the refrigerator, a sofa or a bed, it is desirable – the Internet, the washing machine.

Step-by-step availability to the underground (no more than 15 minutes on foot)

The price – at the price to 20 (inclusive) thousand will remove for long term

At the price to 23000 – for 3 months


Not my post, therefore I ask to communicate on an e-mail diversiform@mail.ru well or comments I will transfer

February 22nd, 2011
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«On a place where there was our house, have started to construct shop on sale of the equipment for bathrooms».

Lavriddzhu have paid 8 000 euros in indemnification, but it has been compelled to give to builders 12 500 euros for an electricity, the water drain, roads and other infrastructure. As a result he has sold that remains from its property in cost in 260 000 all for 100 000 euros.

Denni Lavridzh – not a unique victim of the old town-planning legislation of Valencia, suffered in the past from mercantile local developers and politicians. Its fellow sufferers have been compelled to write complaints to European Union Headquarters to Bruxelles when were convinced that local authorities perceive them as an adverse hindrance. The European parliament three times since 2003 took out decisions against the authorities of Valencia on this point in question. In comparison with other countries, it isn’t enough. Across German Westphalia such decisions was twice more.

Not less strictly in Valencia concern building with deviations about coordinated with with the project authorities.

Spain becomes more and more attractive to investments into local real estate.


On February, 17-20th in Perm the sixth has taken place Kamsky the Forum of professionals of the market of real estate ….

February 20th, 2011
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The Four-letter genetic code.

Hereditary info rmatsija is coded by texts from trigram words – triplets or the codons made on the basis of the alphabet from four letters – the nitrogenous bases And (adenin), With (tsitozin), G (guanine), T (timin). Thus coding of all 20 amino acids known to biologists is carried out, including and 10 found out in meteorites. Such four-letter genetic code is inherent in all four kinds of live organisms: an animal, to plants, bacteria and viruses. To a modern science the reasons of, why the alphabet of genetic language four-letter and why from billions possible chemical compounds of these four nucleotides are chosen as alphabet elements aren’t known.

Undoubtedly that the listed facts aren’t casual. They specify in existence of any all-important secret for the mankind, connected with unity of all universe. And as a key to disclosing of this secret division on 4 serves, in particular.

February 18th, 2011
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The best rounds for March, 8th

We are going to meet 8 Martha on travel – three variants of rounds on any purse.

Route: Mukachevo – Hust – Vinogradovo – Beregovo

Transport: the bus

Quantity of days: 3

One of the greatest subjects of pride in Zakarpatye is a tradition of winemaking. Wine-tasting round will give fine possibility not only to visit one of the most beautiful corners of Ukraine, but also to taste the best grades of the Zakarpatye wines. In the round program also most known of local locks – mukachevsky “Palanok”, the most interesting sample of the Middle Ages who long time was a patrimonial nest transilvanskih princes of Rakotsi. And during excursion in lock Sent-Miklosh which will be spent by its owner Joseph Bartosh, visitors learn about extremely romantic love story and treachery which has occurred in its walls. If these locks will be a little in the program there is still a Hunting lock Shenbornov, ruins of Hustsky and Vinogradovsky locks.

Tasting of the Zakarpatye wines will begin with a wine vault of the Hungarian wine maker in the third generation – Charles Shosha. Then the Austrian wines in manor “Goldfish”, and in the end of travel – cellars of one of the greatest storehouses of Ukraine – Royal winery.

Round cost: from 890 grn

February 7th, 2011
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Usually, if politicians increase correct lstvennyj deficiency,

Voters soon start to test accruing inflation and increase of credit percent. Nevertheless, if foreign central banks continue to deliver funds, these consequences are postponed for uncertain time. As a result, the American politicians don’t have need in general sometime to make necessary difficult decisions, to leave crisis.

Instead the burden can fall on citizens of those countries which governments borrow to another. The conflict that in the countries-creditors the prevailing minority actually wins from such subsidizing (owners of the Chinese export, for example) whereas overwhelming majority not in condition to maintain such relations. And to continue game, foreign politicians use the same bait, as ours.

Anyway, the foreign governments can give to us lectures about thrift and discretion but if they borrow as much as necessary, we will spend. Each parent knows that if he establishes a rule, but doesn’t punish for its infringement, the rule will be never accepted seriously. My scent prompts to me that the foreign governments already start to be tired of our behavior and are entering, at last, some discipline. It means that days of dollar as world reserve currency are considered, and the American economy just about will begin.

February 6th, 2011
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How to reveal such persons?

To see the information it is possible from pravoustanavlivajushchih documents. However, only rights of use on testamentary refusal, the lifelong maintenance with expense and under the hiring contract for term also can be more officially registered year. If in the certificate on the state registration of the right we don’t see encumbrance and in an extract from the house register we do not see temporarily registered persons, it yet doesn’t mean that the persons having the right of using by apartment, no. The information can be received from different sources: usually the expert in the field of real estate knows, where and as it to search. The serious approach to preparation of documents, the careful analysis of the received information allow to plan tactics of carrying out of the transaction in advance.

February 6th, 2011
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Situation № 3

“Former” tries to nullify the marriage contract. In life, of course, there is everyone, and is clear that no official documents will force the person to be decent. For example, the ex-spouse is very frequent, whose share of property is smaller, tries to challenge the fact of existence of the marriage contract. Certainly, to warrant for our courts difficultly, but the diligent spouse doesn’t need to panic. The marriage contract can be nullified court if it will be proved that it is concluded by one of spouses under the threat of violence; that one of spouses, signing it, was in a heavy reality situation (so-called «the enslaving transaction») that one of spouses is limited in capacity, and the second knew or should know about it. And to prove violence or a difficult situation the party considering suffered should.

February 3rd, 2011
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Beaches of Bulgaria will divide into categories

The revolutionary amendment to «for the Law on the Black Sea coast» is prepared by the Ministry of regional development and an accomplishment of Bulgaria.

Introduction of this amendment means that beaches of Bulgaria will be divided into categories: free, the raised comfort (ljuksoznye), for nudists, for the closed complexes and campings.

As the representative of ministry Milen Topalov explains, the purpose of this change in the law is the desire to satisfy all requirements of tourists which have various preferences in rest, and, thus, not to admit restriction in an easy approach to beaches as it has been fixed on some beaches in the summer of last year.

These changes prepare the second year, and here in March their public discussion, «after consultations of all interested parties» will take place.

January 28th, 2011
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«Fandorin and the Master it is difficult, but it is interesting»

Maria ESAULENKO, 55 years, the pensioner:

– In men I appreciate, first of all, mind, good breeding, honesty. Perhaps they aren’t always practical in a life, but are always interesting. Communicating with them as if you get to other world, more perfect. Therefore from the list I am imposed most of all by Fandorin and the Master. Eventually to repair the crane it is possible to cause and the sanitary technician.

«From rebels – one problems!»

Anna Fomina, 25 years, the photographer:

– Other women, as well as I, on last place put the revolutionary! And correctly do. I do not love rebels, from them one problems. For them on the first place of their idea, instead of the beloved. Today it with you, and tomorrow smoetsja somewhere to Cuba or to Africa – there just now continuous revolution …

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